I walk. I collect. I document. The sun prints.


“You must walk like a camel, which is said to be the only beast which ruminates when walking.” (Henry David Thoreau, Walking, 1862)

As a Barcelonan, I used to take random strolls through the city, often as an intimate habit to clear my mind and center my thoughts. When I moved to Los Angeles, the city of cars and freeways, I felt that walking could be challenging.

However, I kept walking. And looking down at my feet I started to collect little branches and leaves, in an attempt to document my precious walks, and maybe my thoughts.

Then I started to print cyanotype photograms from the botanical specimens of my herbarium, releasing an unexpected hidden beauty and somehow learning to love this strange city.

Now I document my walks everywhere I go, with special devotion to gathering algae during beach strolls! So this blue garden is permanently under construction.


Choosing the cyanotype photogram as a technique is an act of resistance (like walking!). The sole use of this 19th-century photographic monochrome printing process (camera-less, no ink involved!) is against the present use and overdose of images that we produce and consume wildly.


I am Anna Fabra Raduà, an art historian by training, a cultural manager and fundraiser by profession, and a “cyanotypist” by vocation. ‘Cyannatypes’ is my more-than-a-hobby creative project and moreover my tool to raise money for the causes about which I care. Born in Barcelona, I am currently based in Los Angeles.

All the botanical cyanotypes in this shop are one-of-a-kind original photograms that bear witness to my walks and to how I see nature.


50% of the year's net sales of this shop will be donated to nonprofit organizations.
During 2019 I collaborate with 'Las Fotos Project' (www.lasfotosproject.org).

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